White Sugar Sachets

Brown Sugar Sachets

Diet Sweetener

Non Dairy Creamer

Salt Sachets

Pepper Sachets

Salad dressing Sachets

A special recipe Of tasty blends of Sun Flavor
Oil, Vinegar, Mustard Flavor, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Xanthan Gum, Sugar, Salt, …etc. RichMix is capable
of making other Dressings Recipes upon request.
Packed in 10g, 20g and 25g Sachets.
Suitable for Air Lines, Catering Services and Fast Food Outlets.

Individually Wrapped Straws

Give Maximum Hygienic Standard for Food & Beverage Outlets to ensure Maximum Protection for their Customers.
Straws ِare Singly Wrapped With The Most Suitable Pure Cigarettes Paper Using Full Automatic Packaging Device.
Singly Wrapped Straws Can Be Printed With Clients Logos

Individually Wrapped Toothpick

Under the slogan “If Necessary… Use It Wrapped”, Rich Mix automatically wraps Toothpick printed with Clients Logos.

Disposable Cutleries

Wet Wipes

Using an advanced Wet Wipes Making Machine of spanish origin, Rich Mix produces Wet Wipes using the most suitable Extra Soft Non Woven Fabric “100% Viscose” and very special scents of Aromas.

Hand Gell

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