Super market

White Sugar Sachets

Under the trade mark Rich Mix ,Rich Mix (S.A.E) pack and market White Sugar Sticks.
120 White Sugar Sticks X 5g Stuffed in an Elegant Colorful Box.

Brown Sugar Sachets

Brown Sugar Sticks:
120 Dry Demerara Sugar Sticks X 5g Stuffed in an Elegant Colorful Box.Brown Sugar Box (500g):
500g Loose Dry Demerara Sugar Packed in a transparent Polypropylene Bag and placed in an Elegant Colorful Box for today’s Health Conscious Consumers.

Brown Sugar 1/2 Kilo


Sugar Free / Fine – Pure – Natural / Dark Brown Cocoa.
Ideal for Drinking Chocolate & Milk Shake.
For Decorating Confectionery & Baking

Non Dairy Creamer

For a Creamier, Smoother Tasting Cup of Coffee, Tea or Cocoa, add one Spoon or More of RICH MIX Creamer And Stir.
Rich Mix Creamer is available in 200g and 300g Economy Pack Size.
Also available in 25 Sachets Pack.

Chocolate Drink

High Quality Chocolate Drink for Kids and Adults.
To Enjoy the Natural Taste of Chocolate. HOT or COLD. Just ADD MILK.

Diet Sweetener Sachets

An Elegant Box contains 50 sachets, each contains 1g and is as sweet as 2 cubes of sugar.

Soft Drink Instant Dry Mix

Sweetened Instant Drink, Mango and Orange Flavored. With no preservatives or artificial sweetness, but ONLY Natural Sugar added.Unique Products, as every box contains 10 individual 22.5g sachet for 1 cup serving.

Refreshing Towel

7 Refreshing Towels In Mini Colorful Pack