Tissue Paper

Taking softness to new heights

Papers Napkins

22×22 cm 1/4 Fold. 1 & 2 ply.
24×24 cm 1/4 Fold. 1 & 2 ply.
33×33 cm 1/4 Fold & 1/8 Fold 1 & 2 ply.
40×40 cm 1/4 Fold & 1/8 Fold. 1 & 2 ply.
Personalize the Napkins with the Clients Logo is available up to 1 Colors Printing.

Toilet Rolls

Available in 60g, 90g, 180g and 450g.
Custom Weights are also available upon request.

Kitchen Rolls

For Domestic Use, High Absorption, Elegant Embossing.
Available in Twins Rolls Pack.

Facial Tissue Boxes

Extra Soft and Fluffy Facial Tissue packed in 200 and 300 Tissues Elegant Colorful Boxes.
A very Distinguished Luxury and Fashion Collection Boxes Designs reflect the image of our Richy Tissue Brand Name.
Also an Economic Easy Pack of 550 Tssues are available.
Private Label Facial Tissue Boxes are available upon request.

Jumbo Rolls

Available in 1000g, 1200g, 1250g and 1500g.
Custom Weights are available upon request.

Hand Towels  <br />C Folded Napkins

Bed Rolls

Tissue Paper Disposable Bed Sheets ensure the maximum hygienic standard for hospitals, clinics, SPAs, …etc.